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Enter your DSW Number which is on the back of your City issued identification badge. If you have a 5 digit number, add a 0 (zero) before the number. CLICK HERE for example. If you do not know your DSW Number, contact your Human Resources Dept.

If your last name includes a special character such as an apostrophe, dash or period (i.e., O’Connell, Smith-Allen, Smith Jr.), enter your name with the special character as it appears on your paystub.

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Technical problems: If you are having technical problems, i.e., the program is stuck, a page is not loading, the “next” arrow does not appear, exit the program and try again later. If the problems continue, try taking the program the following day or use a different browser or computer. Click here for the Minimum Technical Requirements.

If you continue to have login problems, please email or Kimberly Love or Alison Kwan in the DHR EEO Division.